Current Officers

IUC-PG Council officers are composed of a Chair, and the IUC-PG Executive Director.  There is also an Executive Committee, comprised of the Chair, the immediate Past Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, and the Executive Director, which meets as necessary. The selection of Chair and executive committee follows that of the same university as the IUC Presidents’ Council, which is determined by Council vote each year.

The IUC-PG Executive Director is an employee of the Inter-University Council of Ohio. The IUC-PG Executive Director works closely with the IUC main office in Columbus, Ohio, the IUC-PG Executive Committee and the IUC-PG membership.

The current Chair is: Laurie Wolohan, Cleveland State University.

The IUC-PG Executive Director is:
Ms. Jennifer March-Wackers, CPPO
Phone:  (216) 802-3221