The mission of the Inter-University Council Purchasing Group is to achieve standardization of requirements, methods of operation and to buy at optimum quantity discounts.  The purchasing officers were also charged with the creation of Price agreements (PA) for use by the members.

The Price Agreements issued by the Inter-University Council Purchasing Group are handled professionally, provide an open and competitive forum for all interested vendors, comply with competitive bidding principles and are designed to provide significant cost savings and increased services to member institutions.  The IUC-PG is always open to ideas for establishing new price agreements. The IUC-PG tries not to duplicate the intent of, or conflict with, State of Ohio contracts.

In addition to those items or services for which there are IUC-PG price agreements, many of the colleges and universities also have their own contracts.  Some of these institutional contracts contain provisions to extend the privilege of the contract to the other member institutions of the IUC-PG. These contracts, and other applicable consortium agreements, may be absorbed by the IUC-PG if the selected vendor’s agree and the IUC-PG membership approves of the process.

The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio (AICUO) is the private university counter-part to the IUC-PG.  Most IUC-PG bid document contains a clause that allows suppliers to extend their pricing to all members of the AICUO.  The value of joint purchasing is well known among educational institutions.  It is a common practice for institutions to pool their buying power.