Origin & History

In the early 1960’s, the State of Ohio Legislature appointed the “Little Hoover Commission” to investigate the prices being paid by different state institutions for like items. From this investigation, the Commission recommended the formation of a purchasing consortium. The IUC-PG was commissioned by the IUC President’s Council on November 19, 1963.

The first meeting of what is now the IUC-PG was held in an office at the Ohio Board of Regents, and was conducted by Board member, Henry Witcomb. The first meeting of the Purchasing Group was held on December 12, 1963. Mr. Bill Coulter, who took notes at the first meeting, later became Chancellor of the Board of Regents. Attorney General William Saxbe signed the executive order in April of 1964 and the first meeting for setting up IUC-PG procedures was held on April 24, 1964.