Meeting Information


Fiscal Year 2014 Meeting Schedule

The following meeting dates and locations have been approved for the IUC-PG 2014 Fiscal Year meetings.  The IUC Office is located at 10 West Broad Street, Suite 450, Columbus, Ohio 43215.  The meetings normally start at 10:00 a.m.

The following dates have been reserved for the upcoming 2014 Fiscal Year and the dates, times and/or location is subject to change

Meeting Information for Fiscal Year 2013-2014
Date Location Agenda Minutes
August 21, 2013 IUC Offices    
September 18, 2013      IUC Offices    
October 16, 2013 IUC Offices    
December 18, 2013 IUC Offices    
February 19, 2014 IUC Offices    
April 16, 2014 IUC Offices    
June 18, 2014 IUC Offices