My Purchasing Center Top 10 Procurement Articles in 2013

My Purchasing Center Top 10 Procurement Articles in 2013

By Susan Avery

December 16, 2013 at 2:21 PM

Conversations with CPOs at some of the leading companies in the country, price forecasts of commodities commonly sourced by procurement professionals, and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) are just some of the topics covered in articles read most often at My Purchasing Center in 2013. 

Procurement professionals also are interested in articles on educational opportunities (such as training in Supply Chain Management), advice on writing a resume and negotiations (a popular American Purchasing Society game makes learning fun). 

It’s time for the My Purchasing Center Top 10 Procurement articles and blogs in 2013. They are:

  1. Procurement Powers Global Supply Chain at Flextronics written by John Hall, My Purchasing Center
  2. Steel Price Forecast for 2014 by John Hall
  3. University of San Diego Offers Free Online Supply Chain Management Course by John Hall
  4. Tesla Builds Supply Chain in Own Image by John Hall
  5. Writing a Purchasing Resume? Here’s What to Include
  6. Buying and Selling Game Tests Negotiation Skill
  7. Propylene Prices Roller Coaster Ride written by Doug Smock
  8. Procurement Evolution: Purchasing, Strategic Sourcing and SRM written by Paulo Moretti, Vantage Partners
  9. CPOs Face 10 Challenges contributed by Xchanging
  10. Will the Office Supplies Market Remain Soft? written by Chetan Roy Gupta at Beroe   

To be clear, these 10 articles are the most read posted at My Purchasing Center in 2013. Other pieces on such topics as category management, MRO inventory management and procurement metrics posted in 2012 continue to interest our readers and would be on the list if we included them. If you missed them, here are the links to three: 

Category Management: Beyond the “Strategic” in Strategic Sourcing posted by The Hackett Group

Best Advice on MRO Inventory Management: Just Start

Metrics for Purchasing: A Framework that Works written by Paulo Moretti

If you haven’t read any of these articles and blog posts, you might want to take a look. Your peers in procurement at competing companies have!

Putting together this Top 10 list reminds us that it’s time to thank our sponsors and everyone who posted articles, blogs, research and white papers at My Purchasing Center as well as those who participated in My Purchasing Center webcasts, podcasts and video interviews, especially Mickey North Rizza at BravoSolution who shares her insight into procurement trends with us monthly in our new feature, Minutes with Mickey. 

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As important are posts by guest bloggers Bob Cohen, Kris Colby, John Campi, Bruno de Aruda, Sean Dowd, John Hutchinson, Jack Keough, Andres Mancini, Patrick Quirk, Mickey North Rizza, Robert Rudzki, Rod Sherkin, Chuck Wardlaw, Richard Waugh, the team at GEP and others. 

My Purchasing Center recognizes contributions by our valued content partners Accenture, ADR North America, A.T. Kearney, Beroe, The Hackett Group, Vantage Partners and The Smart Cube. The National Association of Purchasing Card Professionals and other organizations also posted articles and blogs to the site during the year. 

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