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This Agreement is for the purchase of Technology Products and Services offered by the supplier SHI. The Agreement is available for use by the State of Ohio Institutions of Higher Education as listed on the IUC-PG roster.  

If seeking the Technology and Services offerings with CDW-G, please reference IUC-PG agreement #PG24-240.

Getting started

This agreement is based upon the NJPA agreement #081419-SHI. This agreement was originally bid by Sourcewell and has now been extended to, and adopted by, the IUC-PG.The provisions expressed in the Sourcewell award with the suppliers and the IUC-PG negotiated changes and clarifications with the suppliers are made a part of this agreement. Please see Attachment A for the agreements between the suppliers and the IUC-PG. These agreements provide additional discounting to the Sourcewell base agreement. Be sure to reference IUC-PG agreement UN19-109 when placing orders. 

SHI: Lindsey Farmer,

For detailed discounting information, please contact the IUC-PG (