IUC Shared Services Summit

Summit - please join us 2019

2019 IUC Shared Services Summit

April 25, 2019

at the Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center (OSU, Columbus)



Thank you to all of those who participated in the 2019 IUC Shared Services Summit! 

We look forward to hosting you again for our next Summit in 2020. Stay tuned for the date and time!

IUC Shared Services Summit Agenda 2019


Please see information below regarding the 2019 Summit Presentations:


Featured Presentation: Collaborating Across the Generational Divide

Jean Demchak, Managing Director, Leader, Education & Public Entity at Marsh, Inc


Shared Services Highlight: IUC Records Retention Tool

Pari J. Swift, MLIS, CRM, University Records Manager, The Ohio State University


Shared Services Highlight: Cammack 403(b)


Jeffrey Levy, Cammack Retirement

Joey Payne, Cammack Retirement


Elizabeth Aumann, University of Cincinnati

Sandy Heck, Bowling Green State University

Malonda Johnson, Shawnee State University

Karen Wilson, Miami University


Shared Services Highlight: Kent State University and Youngstown State University Database Partnership

John Rathje, CIO, Kent State University

James Yukech, CIO, Youngstown State University


Digital Flagship - A Student Success Initiative

Jessica Phillips, Associate Director of Student Experience for Digital Flagship, The Ohio State University

*slides available upon request


Cyber Security and Breaches


Martin Leicht, Marsh Cyber Center of Excellence


Mark Beadles, OARnet

John Ellinger, Bowling Green State University

Bogdan Vykhovanyuk, University of Cincinnati

Chuck Warner, Shawnee State University


Shared Services Highlight: Travel Management Services with IUC-PG

Catherine Marshall, Director, Office of Global Opportunities, Ohio University

Diana McGrew, Director of Purchasing, Ohio University

Phil Worley, Director of Business Operations, Bowling Green State University